Dorothea Osborn

In addition to paintings, drawings, hybrid pieces, and installations, I have recently been creating three-dimensional forms both from nature and man-made found objects, especially plastic. I use the contemporary concept of deconstruction and construction to reinvent microscopic species, insects and plants to create hybrid species and reinvented single celled organisms, commenting on humanity’s influence on our environment: The Anthropocene and, ultimately, our own existence. My current work is based on on various concepts, experiences, activities, people, and contemporary issues in spirituality and science. The nuances these produce is what I attempt to capture. My work consists of process and associative reference where body, spiritual experiences and layers of our lives negotiate, compose, and harmonize together. The work investigates layers of our existence through the symbiotic relationship between science (microscopic species) and spirituality (sacred geometry).
My research continues to explore science and spirituality, produce multi-layered images with a symbolic component, using the visual symbols of sacred geometry and science imagery, tied in with personal historical layers.